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Restoring the Whole Smile

Registered Denturists Chris Kozakiewicz and Kaja Donauer like to stay in pace with the most advanced dental technologies available. As more patients choose dental implants over traditional restorations, our denturists provide dentures which work with these newer implants. Delton Denture Clinic provides dentures over implants in Delta and the surrounding communities.

Why Dental Implants?

There are two commonplace issues patients can experience with full dentures: improper support and signs of aging. Full dentures have to rely on suction and adhesives to stay in place, instead of the bone of the jaw. These supports can sometimes fail when eating certain foods, preventing the denture from providing the firm force necessary to chew properly. Similarly, because the jaw bone has no teeth to support directly, the jaw tends to shrink in size. This shrinking of the jaw creates an aged appearance in the face.

Placing dental implants to support full dentures, however, alleviates these symptoms. Dental implant posts function like the roots of teeth, providing a greater level of support and something for the jaw bone to reinforce so that it does not shrink. The improved ability to chew and facial aesthetic makes dentures over implants a beneficial option for many patients.

dentures over implants

Receiving Your Implants and Dentures

Dental implants are made up of three components: the implant post that serves as the tooth root, the abutment connecting the post to the restoration, and the implant restoration—which, in regards to dentures over implants provided by our Delta denturists, are the actual denture.

First, you must visit an oral surgeon which our clinic works with in order to receive the implant posts. Once each post has been surgically placed and fully fused to the jaw over a healing period, you can then add the denture to the implants and complete the process. Chris and Kaja fabricate dentures over implants by using accurate molds of patients’ smiles, creating the restoration that fits you best.

Dentures vs. All-on-Four® Restorations

In addition to dentures over implants, our Delta denture clinic also provides the restoration for the All-on-Four® implant denture procedure. Our denturists will fabricate both a temporary prosthesis and the permanent restoration. The oral surgeon will have you wear the temporary as soon as implant placement is complete, and the permanent restoration is used once the posts have fully fused to bone.

Each restoration is slightly different. Dentures over implants are still effectively dentures, removable for cleaning and proven to function well. All-on-Four® is a more recent invention that is permanently fixed to the mouth, meaning that you brush and floss the prosthesis like regular teeth. You also receive the All-on-Four® restoration more quickly, as the temporary prosthesis is utilized immediately following placement. It is up to your dentist to decide which restoration is right for you.

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Delton Denture Clinic helps patients in Delta rebuild their smiles through implant-supported dentures. For more information about dentures over implants, or to schedule your no-commitment consultation to see if dentures are right for you, call our office today!

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