Precision Dentures

Precision® Dentures in Delta, BC

Your smile is the signature that defines you, but if you’re dealing with unsightly missing teeth, you may not be willing to smile with confidence. At Delton Denture Clinic, Dr. Chris Kozakiewicz can help improve your smile with innovative Precision® Dentures. 

Precision Dentures are customized to provide facial support, precise function, and increased strength. They last longer than traditional dentures and give dental patients more choices and flexibility for naturally beautiful smiles.

What are Precision Dentures?

While all dentures must be customized to fit our patients, Precision Dentures require a few extra steps for added comfort, aesthetics, and durability. The results are a denture designed to fit your unique smile and provide improved functionality. Here’s what makes precision dentures different from other tooth replacement options:

Special tools are used to record your centric bite (how you close your teeth normally) and your functional bite (how you move your jaw side to side or front to back when chewing or speaking). Measurements will calibrate the relation of your upper and lower jaws and your jaw’s complete range of motion.

Using a Facebow Transfer, Dr. Kozakiewicz will find an accurate plane and tooth position for your upper teeth. These measurements allow for better function and aesthetic when positioning teeth.

Contact between teeth is meticulously refined for greater comfort. 

Because of these enhanced measurements, Precision Dentures will be better balanced and more comfortable in your mouth. Not only will they look and feel just like your natural teeth, our goal is to have you feeling more confident when drinking, eating, chewing, and laughing. 

Precision Denture Choices

Our dedicated team work with you to choose teeth for your dentures that match your facial features and fit your budget. With Precision Dentures, everything can be customized. You can choose from porcelain or plastic dentures, and additionally customize the shape, size, and color of your new teeth. The final design of your Precision Dentures will be natural and attractive so that you are the only one who can tell that they aren’t your real teeth. 

Love Your Smile Again!

Our clinic proudly offers Precision Dentures to our patients. We use the latest technology to help create healthy smiles in Delta and the surrounding communities. For a smile you can feel good about, call Delton Denture Clinic to schedule a consultation today. 


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