Immediate Dentures

Get Your Dentures The Same Day Teeth Are Extracted

Immediate Dentures are fabricated before tooth extractions and inserted into the mouth immediately after extractions. Patient walks in with their teeth and leaves the office wearing dentures. Immediate Dentures can be either Complete or Partial.

Immediate dentures require significant amount of follow up care. This is in contrast to regular dentures in which usually only one or two adjustments might be needed. The bone in the mouth takes approximately six months to heal fully after extraction of the natural teeth. This means that the surface on which the denture rests is slowly changing. This results in a progressively more loose denture and in sore spots in the mouth.

A number of appointments is needed to gradually correct these conditions. With proper care, the denture acts as a bandaid for the healing gum. It also allows the dental practitioner to control the healing of the oral tissue for best support and retention of the dentures in the long term. After approximately 6 months, the dentures are rebased. During this procedure, patient is without the dentures for approximately 24 hours. Sometimes, an adjustment is required after the final rebase.

Before & After Immediate Dentures

patient before extraction for denturespatient after dental extractions and dentures

before immediate denturespatient after immediate dentures

before same day extraction and denturesafter same day extraction and dentures

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