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Chris Kozakiewicz and Kaja Donauer of the Delton Denture Clinic in Delta, BC are skilled denturists with many years of experience in designing, fabricating, and repairing dentures. We offer free, no-commitment consultations, and work closely with oral surgeons and dentists in the Lower Mainland area, to provide you with the very best service possible.


Denture Procdures In Delta, BC at Delton Denture Clinic

Complete & Partial Dentures

Whether missing a few teeth or all of them, one of our dedicated team members assesses the condition of your gums and underlying bone, listens carefully to your concerns, and creates a treatment plan that restores your smile and fits with your budget.

Dentures over Implants

Dental Implants are titanium fixtures which are surgically placed into your jaw bone which can then secure a denture. They are similar to roots of teeth and have been shown to help preserve bone in the gums after natural teeth have been lost.  After your dental implants have been placed, we can fit and place your new denture onto them. This significantly enhances the comfort of wearing and eating with a  denture.

Immediate Dentures

Some patients can have dentures made and ready before their teeth are extracted. Please plan to visit our clinic before your teeth are pulled for denture measurements. Your new dentures will then be ready on the day of your natural teeth being extrated, so you do not have to go without teeth.

Relines and Rebases

These procedures are carried out to improve the fit of your dentures, if they become loose or uncomfortable after a perior of time. Relines and rebases don't affect how your dentures look, but they help them fit better and feel more comfortable to wear. Your denturist will take a new impression inside of your denture to pick up any changes in your gums.

Soft Linings

A soft lining is a layer of silicon rubber, bonded to the base of your dentures. The rubber acts as a cushioning buffer between the dentures and your gums, which improves stability and comfort.


If the base or a tooth of your denture is cracked or broken, we can often repair the damage, usually on the same day.

Precision Dentures

Using custom procedures and premium materials, we can construct precision dentures that are comfortable to wear and closely mimic natural tooth easthetics. We take a number of extra steps to get your custom measurements so that we can better  arrange your individualised tooth set up, one that is unique to you and your face. A natural smile often has this kind of uniqness which we can recreate in your denture set up with the aid of photos and your input. For example, a diastema between front teeth or a slightly rotated or uneven tooth which will make you...well, you.

Financing Your Dental Procedure

At the Delton Denture Clinic in Delta, BC we want all or our patients to have access to the treatment they need for a healthy, attractive smile. That's why we offer multiple payment plan options. Patients can opt to finance their dentures through DentalCard, a dental loan option with flexible repayment terms of six months to six years.

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