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Our denture clinic serves Delta, British Columbia, and is equipped to meet your denture needs. Whether missing a few teeth or all of them, one of our dedicated team members assesses the condition of your gums and underlying bone, listens carefully to your concerns, and creates a treatment plan that restores your smile and fits with your budget.

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Full or Partial Dentures, Which are Right for You?

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It all comes down to the health of our gums. While some people lose teeth due to injury, most cases of tooth loss are the result of gum disease. You may still have several teeth left in the smile, but if they aren’t healthy, chances are they will need to be extracted and replaced with a denture.

Partial dentures are best when gum disease has been treated and remaining teeth are healthy. Preserving as many teeth as possible is vital to the health of your jaw.

A traditional partial denture is secured with clips that attach to two or more healthy teeth, while conventional full dentures are adhesive or suction-based teeth replacement options that rest over gums.

Dental Implants

Our clinic can restore any arrangement of dental implants that have been placed to support dentures. For natural-feeling function and a lifelike smile, implant-supported dentures help prevent resorption and the sunken or pinched appearance that is associated with long-time traditional denture wearers.

Mobile Full and Partial Denture Services

To improve convenience for patients in Delta, BC and surrounding communities, we can make the trip to your house and complete your fitting on the go. Our mobile denture services make it easy for you to receive a brand new set of dentures, whether partial or full, at the comfort of your own home.

Delton Denture Clinic, Ltd. for Traditional or Implant-Supported Dentures

We care about the function and beauty of your smile and maintain a high standard of care while working hard to ensure your satisfaction; we even make house calls. To learn more about our comprehensive denture services, call our clinic today!



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