Custom Mobile Denture Services 

Our experienced team makes it easy for you to receive a high-quality, custom-crafted smile. We are an established full-time clinic with a large in-house lab that has been providing highly personalized denture treatments for over 18 years. We bring our expertise to homes, living facilities and hospitals. Our Mobile Denture Services are an important part of our practice. By providing a mobile option to those patients who are unable to come into our office, we ensure that everybody has access to quality denture services. We accept patients both directly and by referral. 

Delton Denture Clinic, Ltd. offers home service for those looking for dentures and denture related services. We are committed to providing a positive experience for those who want to improve their smile and dental function. Restoring your smile is essential to regaining and maintaining confidence and chewing function. If you want to improve your well-being by obtaining new dentures we make these services available to you. 

Your time is valuable, and our team knows how to make the most out of this limited resource. We can book multiple appointments at one location or living facility to make it easier for patients and the staff and to eliminate patient transportation time.

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How Does This Process Work?

We have developed an efficient procedure that delivers accurate results when visiting you at your home. Our dentist can take detailed impressions, bite records and do wax try-in procedures in order to fabricate your custom-fitted prosthetics back at our main office location in North Delta.

All clinical appointments are performed in the comfort of your home, but the laboratory part of this process (actual denture fabrication) is still done in our office, without the need of your physical presence. We use our fully equipped laboratory in the denture making process to give you the same results as if you came into our office for all of the appointments.

Some of the mobile services we provide include:

  • Consultations
  • Full and Partial Dentures*
  • Relines & Rebases
  • Denture Repairs
  • Denture Adjustments

For more complex services such as Dentures Over Implants and Immediate dentures we ask patients to come to our office as those treatments are more involved, require consultation and adjacent scheduling with a dentist, and employ instrumentation and materials available in the clinic only. 

The Benefits of Mobile Services

“Over the years we have had many patients ask if there was a way to have dentures done without having to come into our clinic. Often times transportation is hard to arrange for, or it is difficult for family members to get the patient to our office for multiple appointments. In other cases, our patients work full time and taking time off is troublesome. With traffic and long commute times, sometimes these visits can prove to be a challenge. Sometimes, we hear that a patient has a short window of time before they need to pick up their kids or grand kids from school or that they work a night shift and driving to see us is the last thing they have energy to do after being up all night.

I very much enjoy seeing patients in their homes. It is also very rewarding to know that I can help patients in difficult times, by providing my services to them when they have been hospitalized, have moved into a living facility or can no longer drive on their own. Losing independence can have a detrimental effect on one’s well-being. By providing my services in a home setting, I give my patients the ability to be independent when making appointments as well as stay in the environment they are comfortable in. Whatever the reason, if our mobile services can make this process easier for you, we are happy to help.” - Kaja Donauer R.D.

*A visit in a dental office is required for cases involving immediate dentures, partial dentures and dentures over implants. 

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